Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Sam

UPDATE: Baby Sam was born healthy and they are still figuring out if he will need any surgery or treatments. Thank you for all your prayers.

A friend of a friend is 37 weeks pregnant and just discovered that their son, Sam, has at least one serious heart defect and will likely require immediate surgery. I have added Sam's button to my left sidebar. Please feel free to click on the button and read more about Sam's story from his parents. Please pray for the wisdom of his medical providers and parents. That his heart defect would either be healed or else, that is something that can be healed. Finally, pray that Sam's family is a light for the Lord in the way they approach the thrown of Grace throughout this trial and entrust their son to Jesus.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ethan is 9 months old!

Thanks to my neighbor for supplying these photos of Ethan and Sophia. Ethan is into kissing girls these days:)...oh man!

What a sweet boy!

Wow, I am seriously remiss. My last post was when Ethan turned 8 months old...

It has been a wonderfully busy month!

Mom and Dad came to visit at the beginning of the month and we had a lovely time, I will post about that soon.

As far as our sweet little man well he's busy! He still prefers to have us close by, really he wants us within touching distance:). He has made the transition to full on hands and knees crawling and now he's lightning fast! He spends a great deal of time taking books off of shelves to taste every book and bang them against each other, taking clean clothes out of the laundry basket for shaking, and attempting to yank cords, a CO monitor, and safety plug covers, out of the wall. He now eats lots of different table foods and needs 3 meals a day. Cashew butter+____ is still his favorite food option. I am particularly amused by his plum skills. He likes to suck the essence off of paper thin slices and then, and only then, chew them up. Ethan is also having more temper tantrums but part of that is a 9 month ramp up, part of it is a need to eat more frequently, and part of it is temperament. I am certainly in a place of prayer asking God to make me calmer as he ramps it up, I am the model for how to handle his emotions...with the Lord's help:).

Ethan still hates being in the nursery at church on Sunday, and chapel during Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC) bible study. I am toying with the idea of scrapping the nursery all together and just keeping him with me...any suggestions?

I love you my sweet Ethan, you are a joy and a blessing, and I'm so thankful to be your Mama!