Friday, February 11, 2011

Goat Milk Stuff

A few weeks ago I purchased a number of products from Goat Milk Stuff. I posted to that effect on Facebook and I had a number of friends request that I share my experience. So here I go. Our whole family has sensitive dry skin and Ethan can get intense eczema while mine is fairly minor. We have striven for some time to utilize hypoallergenic, simple and natural products whether it be personal care, cleaners, etc...

I have made our laundry detergent, household cleaners, and I even tried my hand and making shampoo...and failed...miserably:). Joel will pretty much never let me live down the shampoo making, even though it was during the deployment, and he never used it. He thinks it's hilarious that I was nuts enough to take that on during deployment, like life wasn't crazy enough...he may have a point...

Even with my efforts some of the ingredients were harsh on our skin (Castile soap to be exact) but I wasn't sure how to replace that ingredient. Enter the wonders of goat's milk! In goat's milk soap products the water is replaced by goat's milk and so the resulting soap is considerably richer and moist. Goat's Milk Stuff has just about every soap I want or need, they are reasonably priced, and they have a lovely story.

We ordered:

1. Purity bar soap

This works great! It's moist, gets everyone clean, lathers nicely, has simple ingredients, and was very reasonably priced. I highly recommend it!

2. Shampoo bar soap

Ethan & Joel love this one. I can't use because I color my hair. It lathers nicely and leaves their hair clean with a more balanced pH. They follow this up with an apple cider vinegar rinse and Joel is AMAZED at his scalp health! Winter is brutal on his scalp and he has little to no dryness with this winning combination:). I highly recommend it, especially for men, and those with severely dry scalps.

3. Laundry bar soap

The laundry soap substituted on our laundry recipe easily. The laundry has fewer issues with static, and it adequately cleans diaper laundry, as well as normal household laundry. We have less time logged with this product than the others because we just ran out of our old detergent solution and switched over. Thus far, it appears to clean clothing more thoroughly, or at least more consistently, than some of our previous homemade concoctions. I highly recommend it, especially if you are trying to remove allergic triggers or irritants from your laundry regimen.

4. Laundry stick

Stain treatment was one of our last laundry hold outs and I'm happy to rid our house off the blue goop. I honestly haven't used this one yet. I'm not a consistent pre-treater. But I look forward to using it soon. Sorry!

5. Unscented lotion

This one has been a bust thus far. I wanted to switch out my lotion because of concerns about petroleum's effects on your thyroid. Although I'm sure there is debate on the issue, my mom & sister have thyroid disorders so I would rather air on the side of caution. Unfortunately, this product has been a bust for me thus far. It may work better once it is warmer. The lotion is a solid at or below 70 degrees and our house really doesn't get that warm these days. I can rub small amounts off at a time but, not enough. I will try again in spring/summer and in the meantime I'm trying coconut oil.

I would love to hear any natural personal and home products you love.


  1. Rachel, I think I have a solution to your lotion problems! I recently started using First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream for the super dry skin I get every winter. It's phenomenal! Hypoallergenic and created by a couple for their son who had skin allergies. And it's recommended for eczema. Here's a link to their Sephora page

  2. Love the post! I might just have to try the lotion Staci mentioned too!!