Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Another haircut and eating out:)

We are the old folks that went to lunch at 11:15 so we're the only ones on the patio at this point!

Ok, so I really cannot blame our lack of "going out" social time on Ethan. Joel and I were homebodies before becoming parents:). But, we definitely have taken it to a new level since his arrival! We also have a bit of difficulty figuring out what to do and/or where to find things in the Fort Campbell area. So, this past weekend I had another hair appointment with my wonderful stylist in Nashville. Whenever I have an appointment we make a day out of it in Nashville, a lovely city, and one that we do not spend enough time in even though we're less than an hour away. After my haircut we went to this very tasty New York style pizzeria across the street from my salon. And, because I get rather giddy when I get a restaurant experience so I took pictures to mark the occasion:).

Not the sharpest shot but I wanted to show Ethan's setup, his first outdoor restaurant experience, his Mimi will be proud!

Ethan's giving me the crazy eyes because he was sleepy and not interested in his car seat.

And this is the solution we came to, Ethan cuddled up while I ate...yep we're closer than ever these days:).

We had a great time in Nashville and the whole family was worn out by the end of Saturday!


  1. OMG I have a list of loves about this post:
    1. Your hair
    2. Big E's new car seat
    3. The pics eating in the outdoor restaurant a la MiMi
    4. Seeing your faces
    5. E-man's grown up Joel look complete with a sweater vest :)

  2. Have you tried SATCO (San Antonio Taco Co.) in Nashville? I don't know ANY restaurants there except for that one. Good tacos.

    I LOVE the picture with Ethan's super sleepy baby "crazy eyes"!!