Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ethan is 6 months old!

Today, Ethan is 6 months old. He is such a delight! Ethan has mastered sitting erect and unassisted so thoroughly that he is now working on continued mobility yet again:). For whatever reason Ethan decided to take his sweet time with all things rolling over. He mastered front to back rolling right before 4 months but, even though he could rock halfway from back to front, he didn't seem very interested. So about 1-2 weeks ago he began to roll easily from back to front and then combine it all! He LOVES my reaction when he gets going so he has made sure to make it a permanent fixture in his repertoire. So, now Ethan is combining scooting, rolling, and low-crawling to move himself all over the floor and the yard! He is also enjoying making new sounds by inhaling at the same time and quick little breath sounds like he's got his own private joke that only he gets. Ethan gets a real kick out of staring at himself, or us, in mirrors and he LOVES to hear "Mama", and "Papa". He is also starting to experience some separation anxiety so grocery shopping, household chores, sleep, and the church nursery have gotten considerably more complicated. This is of course not helped by the fact that he is cutting his next 2 teeth, the top fronts, and the right tooth will likely break through any day now. Finally, Ethan has started solid foods this past week! He has tried: brown rice cereal,
green peas, This is what happened when Ethan sneezed with a full mouth of mashed peas:)
avocados, Ethan enjoyed wearing avocados as well as eating them:)!

and bananas. He really loved the avocados and the bananas but those were the last 2 foods we introduced so it is likely also because he's getting the hang of this. Ethan's favorite part of solid foods is hands down the sippy cup. He starts flapping his arms and making his little quick breathy laugh every time he gets sight of that cup! Ok, I know that was long but he's doing a lot:). Plus, I want to make sure I record all this while I remember it! I have a cute video of Ethan's first solid food meal that I'll post as well.

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