Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An ode to "da fingas"

(Ok, so "da fingas" is the cute way my nephew said the fingers when he wanted his Uncle Dylan to tickle him so not exactly the same thing.)

I am posting today to commemorate a wonderful milestone in Ethan's development: he has gained the dexterity to consistently suck on his fingers and self-soothe! I know there are many opinions on either side of the finger-sucking/pacifier debate but I am decidely a fan of the fingers for now. He still will take the soothie sometimes when he gets so upset he mostly hits himself rather than getting his hand but those occurences are waning:).

Here are a few cute shots of Ethan and his new best friend:Incidentally, this may be the most adorable outfit ever:).

The fingers working their magic:)!

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