Monday, March 30, 2009

Barbie has tattoos...

Maybe this is not news to you but it was to me. Matel has recently released Barbie® Totally Stylin’ Tattoos™ a Barbie with 40 tattoo designs that can be applied to Barbie...I know some lovely people who have tattoos, my husband for example. But I REALLY am not a fan. I definitely don't want to see my children getting tattoos and I most certainly will not be gifting anyone with a Tattoo Barbie!

Ethan is still very very young but, news items like this one make me stop and consider if some of the ways in which I safely experienced the world as a child are now appropriate for our children. Can my son, and subsequent children, learn to live his faith in a fallen world in public schools, or will there be too much mature exposure and not enough quality education? Is participation in certain merely social aspects of religious holidays, Santa, Easter eggs/bunny, etc..., a harmless social ritual or instead muddling their understanding of their God? And will I even be a mommy who can't give her daughter Barbie?! I was not necessarily in love with Barbie, and I never had the notion that Barbie was the personification of any real female but I did enjoy playing in a 70's era Barbie dream house :) (thank you Ashley & Jenny). I know there are LOTS of worries as a parent to protect, grow and nurture our children, to see them come to faith at an early age, and to have the opportunity to see that faith grow and flourish. I know that God gives us answers as we need them, so I needn't worry. I am curious though, what issues parenting issues are really gripping you these days? I know there were things that occurred to me before I had Ethan so, maybe what do you wonder about for your future children?

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