Monday, March 9, 2009

Houston at last!

Our days have been so full! As a result, this post will be light on words...yes I know, a Rachel first! I'm growing before your eyes;). Mom and Dad will begin the packing and moving process on Wednesday so we have had time these past few days to enjoy each other:).Ethan was in a great mood right before the plane took off. Our flight attendant was kind enough to give Ethan an extra seat on the plane so we capitalized on the opportunity:).
Ethan conked out as we took off and slept for 30 minutes, what an angel:)!
Ethan's first meeting with Pops and a reunion with his Mimi!

Praise the Lord for blessing us with the resources and ability to fly Ethan and I home to Houston for a visit. I only hope we will soak up enough quality family time to last us until this summer!

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