Monday, March 23, 2009

Wonder of cleaning wonders

I do my best to not be taken in by marketing gimics and go out and buy the latest cleaning products but this one really caught my eye: Scotch Fur Fighter Hair Remover. Now I really wasn't as interested because of Lady but rather because I am STILL shedding massive amounts of hair 3+ after having Ethan! Yes, I have TONS of hair still but I end up coating the floors of the house, our furniture, my clothes...everyone's clothes, the car, and Ethan, with my hair. I have found solutions for most of those surfaces, well Ethan I'll just have to keep picking it out of his sweet little mouth:(, but the microfiber furniture kept getting my hair imbedded. So this handy dandy tool is fabulous:). It's basically just a sheet of the hook side of velcro and there are refills when it gets loaded up but it doesn't seem to happen quickly. The handle is a bit pricey for just being a stabilizer for the sheets but it's useful for us. I got a $2 off coupon o buy it initally and that came with a $1 off coupon.


  1. Ok, did you just start this blog?? Why didn't I know about it?? I'll put you in my "friends' blogs" list. I'm commenting to say that I totally understand the shedding! I didn't start losing my hair until Grace was about 4 months, and I think it is finally slowing down...oh man! She constantly has it in her fingers and on her clothes. Yikes!!

    Love you!


  2. I think it is funny what graphic detail you provide your readers about shedding! Maybe some of us don't need to be so frightened at the after-effects of babies. But seriously, I think this post is hilarious! Remember when it took the new lady 4 HOURS to cut your hair when you were in 3rd grade...I do!

    Love you

  3. Oh---- I use a lent roller to pick up the excess hair. It works great!