Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Heading back to the motherland!!!

Ethan and I are flying to Houston on Saturday:)!!! My parents are moving to a new house...that's right...after 36 years my parents are moving out of my childhood home and into a home that will more closely meet their needs as they exist today. I am so sad that our home will be someone else's house but I am excited for Mom & Dad. It is also a great opportunity for Ethan to meet his Pops, the rest of his Aunts and LOTS of cousins:).

I will post pictures while in Houston as we say goodbye to Oxhill and hello to Kennington.

If you are in Houston and you want to get together, drop me a line! I will be in town March 7-17.

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  1. You make it sound so sad....It enhances my saddness:( Be Positive! I think we need to listen to the Legally Blonde CD all week while we are packing up/hanging out---"Be Positive, that he loves you and not her, your hotter, and your smarter!"