Sunday, April 18, 2010

Potty training update

Since my first post Ethan has continued to use the potty! Some days he actually uses the restroom and sometimes not. We usually only have any actual "action" once a day but it has happened multiple times a day, a few times. Of course he's gone days where he sits there but doesn't do anything also. He does LOVE sitting on the potty so that's a victory right there:).

I need to suck it up and let him run around naked (on the bottom half at least) for a day so he'll really get used to recognizing the urges and desiring more distinctly to eliminate in the toilet. We shall see if I buck up the courage. We've tried periods of the naked training, with Ethan barricaded in half of the house without expensive rugs:), and it was fruitful.

This will definitely be a process but hopefully he's learning.


  1. i am impressed!!! I will be seeking potty training advice from you next year!!!

  2. I am impressed too....maybe you should hold a training for the new club members next year????