Sunday, April 18, 2010

What I've been sewing so far...

I have collected photos to post about all the sewing I've been up to but...well I've been sewing so posting hasn't happened until now:).

My deployment sewing started in Houston. I bought 2 blouse patterns before Joel left and brought them with me and then Mom, Ashley, Katherine & I (those are 2 of my 3 sisters for those of you that are not aware:)) set out to make blouses! We had great fun going to a fabric shop in Cypress and then working on the tops. I finished one top while in Houston, although I remade it a bit once I got home. Ashley & Katherine started their tops while I was there and mom helped and sewed because they didn't have skirt weight fabric, like she wanted, at the store where we shopped.

Top 1:

Please forgive the wear wrinkles. Note the grosgrain ribbon accent at the neck.

After completing this top, Simplicity 2593 by Cynthia Rowley, I have a few conclusions. I make my sewing life difficult often in my fabric choices. My very talented seamstress of a mother thankfully cut out the pattern pieces for this top taking care to match up the fabric pattern. I picked this pattern because it was a simple top to put together and it looked chic. The neck piece was the coolest part of the blouse. But when I made the turned neck piece and attached it, it was WAY too heavy! I am on a kick of making blouses because there is a blog I read that has a bit a top challenge in May and they entries are going on now. Another "contestant" made this blouse but in a Georgette. My conclusion is that I should have made this top in a lighter weight fabric and that I might need to reinvent this top one more time before I'm satisfied.

Top 2:


Isn't the button detail sweet:)?

So this top, Simplicity 2892, turned out beautifully. It had A LOT more volume in the sleeve then I anticipated from the pattern drawings but I love it. I used a quilting weight cotton which is a no no for fashion pieces technically, but I think it gives great drama which works with this girly top. I tend to go for more simple blouses when I'm buying clothes but when making them, I suppose because I can control the lay of the flair, I'm drawn to the girl! The button closure in the back does not appear to have much function but I like it all the same. This top is really made when belted. I took some shots of it sans belt and it looked, well, eh.

I have also made Shortalls for Ethan that I have not photographed, but that he happily wore to church last week:).

I am also finished on 2 projects: Top 3, and a Jedi Robe for my nephew. Now I just need to troubleshoot what the problem is with my serger and the Jedi robe will be all ready! I'll probably wait to post any pictures until it gets to the little Jedi himself:), I don't exactly have the frame of a 4 year old boy for modeling...The 3rd top was almost complete last night. It needs some pressing, armhole hems, bottom hem, and some staystiching to finish.

More to follow...



  1. I LOVE the purple blouse! You are quite a talented shirt-maker Rachel!

  2. I love them!!!! Great job. What are the pattern numbers?

  3. Wow! I am SO impressed!! I agree with Katherine that the purple blouse is awesome!