Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ethan is 5 months old!

I am a week late but I wanted to write this post nonetheless. Ethan was 5 months as of Sunday, May 3. In this past month he has become very proficient at sitting unassisted and is now daily adding to the tasks he can accomplish while sitting up. Unfortunately, he has also spent the past month exploring his emotional side. He now throws sobbing/screaming fits if he cannot do something or he is in any way thwarted from his goal. Thankfully I can rest in the fact that God intended Ethan just for Joel & I as parents. Not only did he come by that temper from both us, sorry son, but we also are gifted with an abundance of bad behavior of our own to spur on our loving discipline. But man, it is rough having to abstain from reinforcing the cycle! He and I have had LOTS of talks about the appropriate ways to ask for help or to accomplish a task and that screaming is not one of those ways. I know he's 5 months old, but I don't want scream=mommy cuddles me to be what he learns from all of this. That being said, I do cuddle him plenty even if I do try to talk him down first!

He is such a happy baby, even with his fits, and I am so thankful to be his Mama!

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