Monday, May 11, 2009

"Not me!" Monday

Ethan still freaking out now that he had what he wanted...

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, Ethan is really a fan of the freak out these days. I do think early on set separation anxiety plays a part in addition to the aforementioned perfectionism.
So, in honor of MckMama's
...I did not l
et Ethan wail so I could take a video of the meltdown for the blog, not me! I did not let him sit and wail several times today because nothing would make him calm down to the point where his whole little body was red, splotchy and covered in tears.

Sorry that this is sideways, I always forget that my videos cannot be reoriented!

I did not almost pummel several individuals during my errands today because I did not have lunch before running errands. I did not nurse Ethan in the car at SAMS after most of said errands and almost pummel a man 2x's my size when he rammed our car fender repeatedly with his grocery cart rocking our car...WITH US in it! Not me. I did not walk out the door without deodorant on Mother's Day.

Oh man, that was really cathartic. Have a wonderful "Not Me!" Monday.


  1. Is it bad that this made me laugh really hard--even the sad video! It is just so funny to see the Rachel Joel Combo child you ahve created.....he is just too cute! Sorry it was a crazy Monday!

  2. Was he crying because he wanted you to hold him? Sweet boy...