Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thetford ideas

All my best ideas come from the Thetfords. Ok, ok so all my best blog ideas this last week have come from them since Staci started a blog for them, yay! On said blog, she mentioned today how we used to cook together every Tuesday evening for my husband and her then boyfriend, now husband:), while we watched Gilmore Girls. I miss those days and the fellowship we enjoyed during the dates. But alas, God has placed them in Texas and us in Kentucky/Tennessee. So she decided to post a recipe every Tuesday in honor of our date nights. In the interest of stealing all her good ideas, I am going to catch up on posting recipes:). Some of these are my spin and one or two are completely borrowed. Don't worry my citation-minded friends, mom I'm taking to you now Dr. Butler, all those research papers and time spent on bibliographies will not be forgotten;). Regardless, ALL of the recipes are completely worth trying out!

As my wise mother so aptly put it, as she always does, I am now out of the fog. At six weeks postpartum I wasn't so achy and out of body anymore. At 3 months my hair slowed it's shedding and I was able to manage venturing out, my vocabulary started to return...slowly:). And since about 5 months postpartum, I have been back to my attempts at whole food eating, or at least making as much of our diet at home as possible. I have also gotten back into some sewing, like making Ethan cloth diapers. And then realizing that he wasn't a fan, nor was I! Ok, ok I've meandered long enough, back to food:). Because I am feeling so game to tackle real cooking, entertaining, etc...I have tried LOTS of new recipes over the last month or so. This may take me a few days but I am determined to get these all posted.

On another blog note, I am planning on taking a video of Ethan sweetly chatting, squealing, etc... soon in the interest of fair and balanced coverage of his emotional outbursts! Really that is how he spends most of his day but the meltdowns really are sort of hilarious. I know, you think I'm awful, but he is safe and ok just dramatic. And my hope is to give him LOTS of love but not reinforce that he can have a meltdown and every toy, blanket, etc... will magically be just how he wants it, where he wants it. Wow this post really meandered...ok, next post will be the first of many recipes!

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