Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday, Part Deux

Here is my second installment of MckMama's blog carnival, Not Me! Monday. And opportunity to tell about the slightly embarrassing events in your life that you may wish you in fact did not take part in.

This past week I did not take all of 48 hours experimenting with cloth diapers to realize that I am a HUGE fan of Huggies! I did not walk around with fingers that smelled strongly of zinc because Ethan has a diaper rash. I did not practically force feed Joel more roasted chicken and meatballs because we STILL had leftovers of them and nearly make him sick of both (two of his favorite meal staples around here). I did not purchase a whole new stroller travel system because I should have listened to my mom and sisters and purchased a new one in the first place, not me! But if I had done that, I would at least have gotten a well-rated system on sale that will now last until Ethan's 30 lbs., not 22 lbs.:). I did not forget my glasses twice this past week and run into another patron at the grocery store (granted the car seat doesn't help matters) and halfway grope my way through the store, that would be what a silly woman would do. Finally, we did not skip church yesterday because Ethan woke up early and so was still napping when it was time to head out for church. We're very serious about fellowship so we wouldn't do such a thing;). Have a wonderful Not Me! Monday.

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