Monday, April 6, 2009

Ethan and the parentals:)

Ethan is SO much fun these days, well, he's always been fun but he is learning and trying so much. As of this weekend Ethan is rolling over whenever he gets the chance, in his crib, on a quilt, anywhere and everywhere. He is also expressing his displeasure more readily when he cannot move where he wants or how he wants through screeching...and fits. He certainly comes by expressiveness and stubbornness honestly from Joel and myself:).

Another fun new "trick" of Ethan's is that he is really gaining hand dexterity. He can pretty much grip things that he wants when he wants and he is bringing his hands together beautifully. One of the by-products of his great hand dexterity is that he grips my hair to steady, my clothes, my lip, my nose, etc...
And in this sweet shot, Joel's ears were Ethan's hand holds!

Then, since it was Ethan's day o' shots with parents I decided it was high time I got a good picture with my little man! I am usually behind the camera capturing his every move but Joel obliged this time around.

Well there you have it, a good dose of sweet Ethan to finish off your day!

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