Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Ethan and Joel dressed up for church-so handsome!

He is risen. He is risen indeed!

Today marked a new milestone for us, we were back at church!

It definitely took us longer than we wanted but with the cold/flu season, adjusting to getting to places with Ethan, and my serious anxiety about leaving Ethan or being in service with our chatty angel:). But, today was the day that the Lord hath made for Ethan to go to church!

I absolutely basked in the corporate worship experience, it was wonderful and sorely missed. Ethan did beautifully in the nursery. He took a nap and otherwise handled it well. I may or may not have fared as well...I did ok but I was definitely itching to get to the nursery and get some Ethan cuddles! We really had not come set on our Sunday school before so we are going to work that out over the next few weeks and try our hand at leaving Ethan for Church and Sunday School...we'll see.


  1. Ah, I love Easter. For some reason I don't remember Easter last year BUT I do remember Easter with the 4 of us in CS after we got back from Spain. I was thinking about that yesterday and it made me miss you guys!

    I LOVE how dashing Mr.Ethan looks in his Easter outfit. He and Joel are quite polished and handsome!

  2. I totally understand! The first few times I left Cale, I couldn't concentrate at all on what the sermons were about.

    What a cute family!

  3. Yay church!! Isn't it nice?? I'm proud of you for leaving Ethan in the nursery...that's a big day for a mama. And you're probably right, he probably did better than you did...

    That's a super cute pic of your men on Easter sunday!