Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ethan loves his Papa

Joel has had long days these past few weeks while his company is completing EIB (Expert Infantyman's Badge) training and testing. So this has mean leaving at 5:30 and getting home between 7-8 at night. I know, all of my Army friends are thinking 5:30, that's when PT (physical training) starts?! Ah yes my friends, but that is when the training is starting, not at 9. Plus, we are spoiled living on post and Joel usually gets to come home, shower, eat breakfast, and he gets to see us for a bit, before heading back to work.

So that long tangential statement was all to say that Ethan is really missing out on some of his usual Joel time so he is getting really excited if Joel gets home before he goes to sleep. Today Ethan was so giddy that he accomplished a new "trick" in the pursuit of staring at Joel!
Ethan stood all on his own with no (human) support. And what's more, he did this for 5-10 minutes while Joel told us all about his day! With so much of his physical feats, knowing mothers keep telling us, that he will be an early crawler/walker but man...Be still my beating heart:). Oh, did I mention that Joel was crawling by 6 months and walking before 9...yeah...


  1. Just wait, Mama! I'll be walking before you know it. Love, Ethan (he asked me to tell you that :) )

  2. Oh my goodness, you are in for it! Now all your freedom will be gone!! He is SO advanced ;)