Friday, April 3, 2009

Ethan's 4 Months Old!

It's hard to believe that our sweet boy is already 4 months old?! We have his 4 month doctor's appointment next week so I'll have his latest stats to share then. As far as his development is concerned he is quite the active boy:). He rolled over for the first time just before 3 months but he didn't do it willingly and refused to replicate:). This month he has willingly rolled over several times but he still is finicky about the act. He only rolls over in his one knows. However, he now loves to view the world from his tummy and his above position is his new favorite, doesn't he look cute?! I'm hoping to work in on this picture to play with it, hopefully it will be successful and hopefully I'll post it soon. He also has great hand control now and brings his hands together and enjoys playing with some toys. Most of his interest in toys lies in whether or not he can chew on it...he LOVES the rattle but whines since he can't really chew on it sufficiently. He also has discovered how fun it is to steady himself by grabbing onto: Mommy's hair, Papa's ears, etc...He is sitting up nicely on his own but mostly with a little assistance. He is getting leaner, looking more muscular, and his umbilical hernia is healing up-yay! He fits just right in 3-6 month clothing and his 0-6 month socks are too our little guy is still growing like a weed! He has been talking in goo's, baa's & "Hi," since 6 weeks but now he has add to his repertoire prolonged vowel sounds. These conversations last about 5 minutes at a time usually. I know, a shock that MY child is a talker;). Ok, I'm sure there is more but I'll stop. For now. Enjoy your weekend!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN! He looks adorable on his tummy like that. Glad the second tooth broke through, hopefully he will sleep better tonight.

  2. I think Ethan is SO adorable in this picture...and love the other pics you have on facebook too. He is SO BIG! I really wish everyone could experience the amount of talking Ethan does (and has been doing since forever) is hilarious. I think you need to set up a tri-pod and record his 5 minute long conversations with the cabinets and paintings! I miss that sweet boy!